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ATWYLD Orbital Gloves - Black

ATWYLD Orbital Gloves - Black

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The ATWYLD Orbital Glove packs much more than the standard gloves you see. 

Here's why:

  • Quality perforated leather on the front and back, while most only concentrate on the back of the hand.  Diamond stitching on the palm area.
  • What gloves offer D30 knuckle armor?  Hardly, most come with some rubber/plastic 
  • This has an inside button pull tab that makes it easy to put on.  
  • The button allows you to snap the pair together, allowing you to mount on a belt loop, jacket, etc.
  • Index and thumb points for phone connectivity


Additional Specs:

  • UV coated perforated goat skin leather
  • Velcro tab closure
  • Extra padded layers on palms

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