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ARAI HELMETS Signet-X Helmet - Pearl Black - 2XL 0101-16003

ARAI HELMETS Signet-X Helmet - Pearl Black - 2XL 0101-16003

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Signet-X Helmet - Pearl Black - 2XL
Features long oval shape, created by increasing the space of the EPS liner front to back and decreasing the space side-to-side, designed for riders with a narrow head and a more pronounced forehead, Variable Axis System (VAS) shield mechanism was developed to enhance the shape of the shell, VAS latch captures and securely holds the shield closed to help prevent unexpected opening, In addition to the de-mist function, the larger latch allows for intuitive and seamless shield operation, VAS shield system lowers the pivot point by an average of 24 mm, making the shell surface area in the critical temple area much smoother and better able to reduce impact energy getting into the helmet, Peripherally Belted - Super Complex Laminate Construction (PB-SCLC) shell design combines multiple materials and techniques that deliver both performance and affordability, Features QVF three-position intake and QVR exhaust ducts for excellent air intake and exhaust performance when riding—even when the front shutter is closed on the top duct, a side vent still serves as an exhaust vent, FCS® Cheek Pads — The contoured shape - combined with multiple layers of varying foam densities supported by a foam “spring” - cradles the face while helping to block wind noise, Features water repellent, removable ES chin cover, enhancing the egg shape of the helmet while increasing exhaust from the mouth area, Odor resistant liner material resists build-up of bacteria and allows helmet to stay fresher for longer, Comes with VAS-Max Vision (MV) shield that accepts the new VAS-MV Pinlock lens, Includes ready-to-install Pinlock-120 lens, 2023 Arai Brochure

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